History of London & Home Counties

The Region was inaugurated at a Meeting on Thursday 13th August 1981 and was called the Greater London & Home Counties Region. Below are the minutes from the very first meeting which explains everything:

Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting held on Thursday 13th August 1981 at 11 a.m.

Mr. Jock Murray, Captain of the Association, took the Chair and welcomed some 50 Members representing Greater London and the Home Counties. He expressed the Association's thanks to Mr. John Digby-Smith for the taking on the Secretaryship and to the Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club for their hospitality. He then introduced Mr. John Crowther, Secretary of the Association.


Mr Crowther asked for nominations for Captain of the Greater London and Home Counties Section. Proposal by Mr. Digby-Smith that Wing Cdr. Frank Bartle be asked to fill this position. On acceptance by the Wing Cdr. the proposal was seconded by Mr. Jim Maples and carried unanimously.

Aims of the Association

Mr. Crowther explained the aims of the Association and what they hoped to achieve. They wished to be of service to Secretaries in all regions of the country and were ready to offer advice on any matter regarding the running of a Golf Club. There were definite indications that the role of Golf Clubs is changing from a social to a business background. Correspondence from members showed that they needed help in solving a variety of problems. In the north and midlands it was found that, when regional meetings were held, difficulties were aired and discussed and, if solutions were not found, the problems were referred to the Association Secretary. It was hoped that the southern regions would find the Association equally useful. An exchange of ideas could be of general benefit to members throughout the Country.


The Chair was then taken by Wg. Cdr. Bartle who asked for questions from the floor:

1) Mr D. Lampard (Flackwell Heath) asked for a ruling on bonuses paid to Stewards. Mr Lionel Warne advised that bonuses are allowable but must not be linked to Bar Profits. In all cases where bonuses and gratuities are paid the Club is responsible for deduction of tax.

2) An observation was made from the floor to the effect that gratuities may be paid in the form of National Savings Certificates which are not taxable.

3) Mr L. Denning (Reading): How many were invited to attend this meeting? Mr Digby-Smith replied that 120 invitations were sent out; 80-90 replies were received, all expressing support. Response had been very encouraging.

4) Mr J Miles (Wimbledon Common): Difficulty in fixing catering prices. Mr Crowther replied that he will collate such information which will be available to members on request.

Next Meeting

Thursday 29th October 1981 at 10.30 a.m. at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club, Regional. Members were asked to send in items they wish to be included on the agenda.